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Welcome to Cuba!

CUBAR is the first bar in Baku in which absolutely everything is as close as possible to the Cuban lifestyle. Those who have never been to Cuba can feel the spirit of this hot country. The splendor of Latin American cuisine, real Cuban cocktails, a wide selection of rum will not leave you indifferent!

Cuban Atmosphere

Want something exotic? No need to buy tickets to contrasting Havana. It is enough to come to CUBAR, with a bright, colorful interior with huge columns, that resembles the streets of Cuba, with its dilapidated houses, with windows that are always filled with light.


CUBAR - is a personal Liberty Island for everyone. Enjoy delicious cocktails, sing and dance to fiery Cuban rhythms, chat with friends - there is no better place. What is the secret of the magical atmosphere of our CUBAR bar? Each detail was worked on by talented artists who have invested a part of themselves in the interior. Each artist worked by hand in order to convey the vibrant, festive atmosphere of true Cuba.